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Gym Rat Performance Training has helped me take my game to the next level in preparation for professional basketball. The coaches truly understand the game, are masters of player development and will push you to levels you haven't been to. If you are a SERIOUS hooper you need to be training with these guys.

Kason Harrell (Former D1 Basketball Player - Purdue Ft. Wayne) 

Current Professional Basketball Player 


We invite players of all levels and abilities to come see why we are THE BEST  training option in the Pittsburgh area.

Every SINGLE workout is tailored to the individual needs of the player/players we work with.

We TEACH Skill-u-a-tion - the ability to react to a situation due to an abundance of skill (Micah Lancaster). 

From new players to pro players - we have a program, workout, SKILL designed to specifically enhance your game. 

Our trainees work in a LAB - not a gym.

Players come to us to learn HOW to get off shots, not to get shots up.

We don't do ball handling drills...we teach players how to be one with the ball. 

We have players travel hours to work with us...why? Because our methods get them RESULTS! 

Are you hungry to get better? To be challenged, to learn in a way you never have before by doing things you have never done before? Then we may be for you. 



We are NOT an AAU Club/Organization. The goal of our summer Train & Play Team is to do just that - TRAIN to become better basketball players and PLAY to test those skills against live competition. 

We practice 2 times a week for 2 hours with the first hour of these practices focused on individual skill development with each player and our highly skilled coaching/training staff. 

If you are tired of AAU clubs that promise personal development, scholarships and everything under the sun but never deliver - give our program a try. 

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